Welcome to Fire Lily Cosplay and thank you for visiting my website! I started cosplaying in 2004, and I had no idea what I was getting myself into! I really love making costumes, as well as clothing, and I'm always coming up with new and more ambitious ideas. I try very hard to remain true to the spirit of the characters I cosplay and recreate them as accurately as I can.

New Costumes and Pictures!


4/2/15: Katsucon was a whirlwind of winter weather and work for me, but everything went well! I have several new costumes that I made for the convention: Cinderella, Umi Ryuuzaki from Magic Knight Rayearth, and Rose from Legend of Dragoon!

This weekend I will be attending T-Mode and I'll be bringing several costumes, including a new one - Donna troy! I am super excited to attend T-Mode again and will also be judging the Hall Costume Contest and be giving several panels. Hope to see you there!

I apologize about not having updated my website in over 6 months. I got very busy with costume commissions and life in general, plus my computer crash last year lost most of my more current costume photos and info that I still have not been able to recover for various reasons. Nevertheless, I'm still here and I have lots of new things planned for the year!

I'm hoping to keep working on getting everything updated here, but please be patient with me. As much as I would like to completely make over my website, I just don't have the time, so I'll settle for getting all my newest costumes together on here for you all!

First off, I will be at MAGFest this coming weekend, so if you recognize me (I'll be going as myself and therefore incognito), please say hi! I will also be attending Katsucon in February and I'll be bringing a few new costumes: Umi from Magic Knight Rayearth, Disney's animated Cinderella, and Rose from Legend of Dragoon! I'm also working the Masquerade again and judging both Costumes and Presentation. I can't wait to see what you all bring to the convention!

Secondly, I have a new slate of planned costumes for the year - some that I've been planning for a while, and some that are new! I will have my Katsucon schedule up in a few weeks, and hopefully a few new costume pages, too. ^__^

I'm sorry it's been so long without any updates! Life got pretty busy and I haven't yet had time to sit down and fix up my website or get a lot of photos processed. I do have plenty of new costumes to share on here: Hattress Alice, Silk Spectre, Polonaise, Absinthe, Hollywood Magic Jem, etc! They are all on the way.

I'll be at Anime Mid-Atlantic this weekend and judging the Hall Costume Contest - we'd love for you to enter! I'm bringing several fun costumes and I can't wait to see everyone! I'll be getting into Chesapeake tonight to avoid traffic, so I will be ready to go and see you all on Friday!

This year has already had plenty of ups and downs and it just started! Con season is now upon us and I'm starting it with Katsucon! I'm working the convention again at the Masquerade, so I can't wait to see all your wonderful costumes and presentations there. I'm bringing two new costumes: Hattress Alice from "Alice: Madness Returns" and Broadway Magic Jem from "Jem and the Holograms."

Just a short blurb this time around, as my computer crashed and I can't get it fixed until after Katsucon, so I do not have access to most of my pictures and info. But here is my costume schedule for the convention - I hope to see lots of you there!


Holy moly, it's been a while since I've updated! I've been so busy moving to a new apartment in November and waiting for pictures from cons past that I haven't had a chance to spend time at the computer until now. I've finally gotten back a good amount of pictures of my costumes from Otakon and Dragon Con: Taurus by Sakizo, Maeve from The Dresden Files," Caprica Six from Battlestar Galactica, and new pictures of Silk Spectre from "Before Watchmen." I also now have costumes pages up for Maid Marian and Robin of Locksley from Robin Hood: Men In Tights.

I've also been working on new commissions and getting ready for the holidays, so there will be many more updates to come in the next few weeks! I still have to put new costume pages up for Lara Croft and Miaka from Fushigi Yuugi, then new costume plans, and hopefully a new commission option that I've been working on. I hope you all have a fantastic holiday and I can't wait to see you all in 2014!

I have been working on a lot of things lately, including getting new costume pages up and running! You can take a look at one of my new costumes, Miss Peacock!! I have also updated my Convention Schedule page.

It's been a very busy past few months. Otakon happened, and then Dragon Con happened, and I haven't had much time in between to edit pictures or get new costume pages up. However, I do have a fun surprise in the works - a friend is helping revamp my website and the new layout looks amazing so far! I can't wait to get it all set up.

Beside that, Dragon Con was an interesting learning experience. When it was fun, it was really fun (Walk of Fame and seeing all the guests was incredible, James Marsters invited us to his concert and it was awesome, got to see lots of friends and take lots of photos). But when it was bad, it was really bad (violation of fire code on multiple nights in the Marriott and Hyatt due to massive overcrowding and over heating, the rain on Sunday drove scores of people into the hotels and made the sky walks disaster areas, being denied at multiple places to take pictures, the reliance on hotel staff for security instead of using con staff, and the lack of crowd and line control by staff). Overall, we learned a lot about how the con works in general and will be better prepared for next year. We already have our badges bought and our rooms secured at the Westin! And I think we will definitely be flying instead of driving - 20 hours round trip was exhausting.

I'm still waiting on pictures for various costumes, but they are slowly coming in and I will be posting those up when I get the chance. I am officially done with Con Season, so now I have commissions to work on and costumes to prepare for Katsucon in February!

Otakon was such a blast. Had a great time with friends and wearing new costumes and getting tons of pictures!! I think my favorite new costume was Taurus. As soon as I get the pictures back from photographers, I will be posting them up here!

I was actually quite grateful to the Masquerade Dept. for allowing be to judge, but also for having a memoriam to Marty Gear before the show started. I was not expecting it but it was well received and I was so glad it happened. Marty's Memorial was on August 18th at Savage Mill, MD, and it was a wonderful send off. Many people spoke about Marty, stories were shared, and his costumes were on display for close-up admiration, and we all felt it was a proper mini Marty-Con ^__^

So, now I'm looking to DragonCon and I am bringing a plethora of costumes! This is my first time going, so I'm trying to have a nice, fluid time so I can see what the con is all about. I have a few panels and autographs sessions and gatherings lined up, but I want to keep everything pretty low key. Here's what I have scheduled as far as costumes:

Thursday - arrive/check in/get bearings/have dinner

Friday AM - Lara Croft, Tomb Raider: Underworld
Friday PM - Maeve & Dresden
Friday night - Dr. Mrs. Cheerleader for Venture Bros. Party

Saturday AM/early PM - Silk Spectre: Before Watchmen
Saturday PM - Robin & Marian from Men In Tights
Saturday night - Classy Evening with Chris G.

Sunday AM - Caprica Six Red Dress, BSG
Sunday early PM - Taurus by Sakizo with a group
Sunday PM - whatever I want to rewear

I hope to see many of you there and as always, please don't hesitate to say hi!

Sorry for the late update - I've been working on Otakon costumes and a whirlwind of other projects, too. I still need to add my newest costumes: Maid Marian and Robin, Dragon Keeper, and Miss Peacock. Some of my older and retired costumes are now up for sale, which you can see here: Costume Sale

On Commission News, I am currently CLOSED for Commissions. I am booked until mid-2014 and a full waiting list for the remainder of 2014. I will be updating my Commissions Page to reflect this. Thank you so much for your continued interest in my costuming work - I'm so flattered!

In costuming news, we have lost a legend and a wonderful friend in Marty Gear, who passed away on July 18, 2013. Marty was just the most amazing, interesting, and inspiring person I have ever had the pleasure to know. Always full of wonderful stories, always giving advice and open to learning new methods or techniques, always pushing costumers to do more/be more/give more/learn more, and always quick with witty remarks, compliments, and hugs, Marty will always be there in the background, watching our presentations, laughing at our jokes, and giving us that vampire stare he was so famous for. I am so very lucky to have known him and to have been present at his last Balticon, which he poked and prodded me to go to and I'm so very glad he did! He will be greatly missed in the SF/Fantasy and Anime Convention circuit.

As for Otakon, I am hoping to bring a whopping FIVE new costumes! I am also finishing up a new commission - a custom character from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Really excited to see this costume come together. I will also be judging the Masquerade on Saturday night, so I can't wait to see what you all have in store. And here's my costume schedule for Otakon! Hope to see you there!

Friday afternoon: Miaka from Fushigi Yuugi, with Yui, Suboshi, and Tasuki
Friday evening: Odette for the Pokemon Princess Trainers meet up
Saturday morning/afternoon: Crunchytan for the Crunchyroll booth
Saturday evening/Masquerade: Taurus by Sakizo, or Miaka from Fushigi Yuugi
Sunday: Lara Croft from Tomb Raider: Underworld

It's been quite a while since I updated this website, but I have been really busy for the last several months! I had 4 commissions to make in April and May, as well as 4 new costumes for myself, all four of which I am bringing with me to Anime Mid-Atlantic this weekend! I will be judging the Hall Costume Competition and attending the Masquerade. I also have to apologize, as I will not be giving any panels this year - I missed the cut off date to submit panels by one day! I do so enjoy speaking and sharing knowledge with you all at conventions! So, instead, I'll be wandering around more and attending panels this time around.

I am bringing my Dragon Keeper Court Outfit, newly revamped and christened with awards from Balticon 47, which I attended in the last week of May. I was super shocked and very humbled to have won Best in Show at the Masquerade!!! It definitely reaffirms my faith in my skill as a costumer and competitor and it has helped me to look forward not only to the ambitious plans I have for next year, but also has pushed me to take on more original creations (while still being based on some existing media - I'm still much better at re-creations).

I do have many more updates that I need to add onto here. Namely, my convention schedule, planned costumes, Commissions, and Media Spots. Hopefully I can get to those after this weekend, as I have just a few days to myself before starting on commissions again and costumes for Otakon! Anyway, I would love to see many of you this weekend - please come by the Costume Contests so I can see all your wonderful creations!

And here's my costume schedule for Anime Mid-Atlantic! Hope to see you there!


I have a new spring costume to share with you all: Megurine Luka from Just Be Friends. I had a fantastic time getting some beautiful pictures among the local cherry blossoms, something I have always wanted to do, so I hope you all enjoy. I have added some new videos from Katsucon, Anime Matsuri, and a video tutorial to the Media Page, as well!

I am also going to be at T-Mode this weekend in Rockville, MD, as a Panelist and Cosplay Judge! The schedule is up and I am giving two panels: The Who, What, When, Where, & Why of Cosplay at 10:30pm on Friday, and Cosplay Armor and Weapons at 11:30am on Saturday. And if we do the Sunday Guest Signings again, I'll bring some prints along to sign and give away. I invite you all to come by and see what this great little con is all about!

I also have my cosplay schedule up, and here's what I'll be wearing:


Wow. I don't think I've ever gone that long without updating my site!! It's been a crazy ridiculous whirlwind since the New Year, let me tell you!! I made three new costumes for Katsucon: Minerva and Ezio from Assassin's Creed, and Rinoa from Final Fantasy 8. All three did pretty well at the convention and everyone really seemed to like them! We had a great time seeing friends and meeting new people, specifically photographers and videographers like WhiteDesertSun, Andy Wang, Ger Tysk, Rene Hwang, and more!!

Shortly after the convention, I started on some new, very last minute commissions for KPop Group Waveya for their US debut at Anime Matsuri in Houston, TX, this weekend!! I can't wait to see how the girls look in two of my costumes! You can see more on Melty and Wedding Peach on their respective pages.

And now I'm starting work on three new commissions for April as well as my own costumes for Spring! And I'm happy to announce that I will be back at T-Mode this year as a Panelist and Cosplay Judge! Panels will be announced shortly, so please stay tuned!! I also have some new tutorials, videos, and pictures coming, as well! Lots of goodies in store for you all. If you want to see more frequent updates about my costuming plans and day to day goings on, feel free to follow along on my Facebook Page, and many thanks to those of you who already do!!


It's Christmas time!! I've been very busy working on several new costumes for Katsucon, including Rinoa from Final Fantasy 8, Ezio and Minerva from Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Taurus illustrated by Sakizou, and I have more to work on in January! I've updated my Planned Costumes so you can see what I'll be working on for next year! I've also finished up another Costume, Command Performance Jem, and a New Commission: Nausicaa from "Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind!" I absolutely love how this costume came out and I'd love to make one of my own at some point. My Commission Schedule has been updated, as well.

I also have a lot of new pictures that I have posted to their respective pages, such as Quistis, Irvine, and Lightning! Take a look at my galleries to see what's new. I have also updated my Convention Schedule for 2013 and I'm adding a con to my list: DragonCon! I've been wary in the past, but I think this may be a good year to see what Atlanta is all about. Plus, I've already been drafted into a Battlestar Galactica group as Caprica Six and I could not be more excited!

Also, I wanted to share with you all that I made 16 new costumes in 2012! Some are pictured here, but a few aren't. Next year is already bringing a lot more projects into the mix. I hope you all have a great Christmas and I will see you in the New Year!


I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving this past week! I flew down to Texas to be with my family and had a fantastic time! So I'm getting ready for Katsucon because I have a LOT of costumes to make for February, including outfits from Assassin's Creed, TRON, and more!

I finally got some amazing photos of my newest Silk Spectre costume from the Before Watchmen Series and I'm so happy to share them with you! I hope you enjoy, and I will be making another update soon with more Planned Costumes and a Convention List for 2013.

Anime USA came and went. I actually got to help out Cosplay Guests Marty Gear and DizzyLizzy with their Cosplay Panels, and I was asked last minute to be a Masquerade Judge! All the skits were great and the winners were well deserved. I'm still getting pictures together of my Purple Dress Jem and will post those and Laurie Juspeczyk when I've edited them all.

Today's update is just a mini-update, but an important one. I reached 1,000 Followers on my Facebook Cosplay Page, and as a treat I've made the Foam Board Weapon Tutorial as a thank you! You can see it here: Foam Board Weapon Tutorial. If you are curious about my costuming plans and day to day goings on, feel free to follow along on my Facebook Page, and many thanks to those of you who already do!!


I can't believe it's already been three weeks since New York Comic Con! It was a crazy fun time in New York, not so great a time at the convention. We went to see Sleep No More, which was freaking amazing and such an incredible experience!! I got to have 6 interactions with different actors and had an absolutely marvelous time. I'm already plotting a return to NYC for this show. We also saw tons of friends, had amazing food, met lots of great guests, and went to just about every fabric shop on 37/38/39th Streets.

Anyway, I had more fun to outweigh the bad, including getting Parasite Eve pictures in Times Square!! I also have a few pictures of my new She-Ra costume, and pictures of some new commissioned costumes: Xena and Yuna! I have a few photoshoots happening next week, so hopefully I can get more pictures of She-Ra, and some awesome photos of Laurie Juspeczyk as Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre! I got to meet Amanda Conner at NYCC and had a marvelous time talking with her and getting pictures and autographs. More on that to come. In more recent news, I hope that everyone in the New York/New Jersey/New England areas are recovering quickly from the awful storm we had last week. My thoughts are with you all, especially with this Nor'Easter blowing in - please stay warm and safe!!!

In convention news, I will be stopping by Anime USA for a little bit to see friends and help host a few panels, and I will be wearing Riddel Viper on Friday and Purple Dress Jem on Saturday! And again, I'm coming up to 1,000 Likes on my Cosplay Facebook Page and I have a little Giveaway! The 1,000th Fan gets a picture of three costumes of their choice and I will post up a new Tutorial as a thank you to everyone for your support.

New York Comic Con is this weekend and we are leaving for NYC on Thursday morning!! I am so, so, so excited for this convention - I've been looking forward to it all year and now it's finally here! I have my cosplay schedule posted below:

Friday: She-Ra
Saturday: Classic Jem and "Command Performance" Purple Dress Jem
Sunday: Laurie Juspeczyk from "Before Watchmen" and Aya Brea from "Parasite Eve"

After NYCC, I have Halloween Commissions to complete (I am 50% done with those!) and November commissions to start on. I'd also like to announce that I'm coming up to 1,000 Likes on my Cosplay Facebook Page and I have a little Giveaway! The 1,000th Fan gets a picture of three costumes of their choice and I will post up a new Tutorial as a thank you to everyone! As always, many thanks to you for your support!!


I had a photoshoot weekend a few weeks ago and got some amazing pictures of several costumes!! I also had an amazing backdrop of the Rosette Nebula that worked beautifully with my Fina costume and I'm very excited to share these lovelies with you. I also wante some glamour-type photos and made a very impromptu Amy Pond, Fashion Model cosplay, and the pictures are gorgeous.

I've been a very busy bee the past few weeks trying to get ready for New York Comic Con and working on commission orders for Halloween! Commissions are now booked through April 2013 and so far I'm really enjoying working on them (although I am really, really busy with them). If you'd like a costume of outstanding quality, craftsmanship, accuracy and detail, feel free to email me at firelily@firelilycosplay.com for information and pricing. I've also updated my Calendar on my Commissions Page: Booking Calendar for Commissions!

I'm also working on a new tutorial for you all: Foam Board Weapons! I'm working on some swords now and I'm finally taking progress pictures so I can share this awesome and easy method with you! Stay tuned, because I'll have my costume plans for NYCC up in a week or so. And while I'm there, I have tickets to go see the (in)famous Sleep No More that I've been hearing people rave about. I'm looking forward to this NYC trip entirely too much!


I am selling more costumes - I have way too many and I need more closet space! Please click the pictures for more information regarding the costume details! Check my For Sale Page for selling information - Shipping not included in prices. Contact me on my DeviantArt listing or at firelily@firelilycosplay.com for purchasing.

I also have decided to open myself for Costume and Prop Commissions starting in 2013! It will be on a very limited basis (only 1 client a month) until I feel I can take on more projects. I am currently booked up until Katsucon in February. If you would like me to undertake a commission for you, please contact me at firelily@firelilycosplay.com for information and pricing. You may check my Commissions Page to see a Booking Calendar for Commissions!


I've finally gotten back a good amount of pictures of my latest costumes: The Red Queen from "Alice in Wonderland," an original wa-loli design of Megurine Luka from Vocaloid, and Sonya Blade from "Mortal Kombat 2011."

I hope you all enjoy them as much as I do. I had a great time getting all these wonderful pictures with many talented photographers at Otakon. Now I'm looking ahead to just a few weekends for Baltimore Comic Con where I'm planning to debut a new costume: Laurie Juspeczyk as Silk Spectre from the new "Before Watchmen" comics! I was really impressed by her design and I'm excited to make this go-go inspired outfit. Plus, Amanda Conner will be at the con and I'd love to see her!

There are a few new Media Spots up on the Media page. Two of my costumes made it into "Cosmode: The Nation," and I've linked to two interviews I did for JapanCinema.net and MicCostumes.com. You can see them all here! I have also updated my Convention Schedule. I will have another update before the end of the month with more costumes for sale, so stay tuned!

Otakon was a blast! I was saddened on Thursday night when that huge storm hit and it rained for several hours, but was glad that it didn't continue for the whole weekend!! I roomed with the wonderful Pixiekitty and NeonGenocide. Friday, Pixiekitty and I met up with some beautiful ladies for several photoshoots with MindFall, PopeCerebus, Sweet Sensation Photography, Blake of BentPic5, Elysiam Entertainment, Mike with Eleventh Photograph, and a few other awesome photographers! After absolutely killing our feet (and having eaten nothing all day and being outside for several hours), all us roomies went to change and then went to Houlihan's for a giant dinner with lots of friends (like MindFall, CaptainMiles, and Cupcake-rufflebutt, Tikki, James, Colt, Manda, Natalie, Matt, and Interstella5). The stuffed chicken was amazing yet again!!

Saturday, Pixiekitty and I dressed up in our Wa-loli Vocaloid outfits (Miku and Luka respectively), and met up with with MindFall and Sweet Sensation Photography for pictures and lunched at Jimmy John's, then changed into our Final Fantasy 13 costumes for another group meet up, this time featuring me as Lightning, Pixiekitty as Vanille, NeonGenocide as Snow, Ivan as our drive by Sazh, and Chibi-Nekos as our FF13-2 Lightning! We also met up with Ackson for some pics and video footage and I'm super impressed with his video! (You can see it here along with two new interviews). After the cosplay silliness, we all went to Kona Grill for more amazing food (and it was happy hour - half off food and drinks!!) and met up again with MindFall, CaptainMiles, and Cupcake-rufflebutt. Then it was back to the hotel for packing and then off to bed.

Sunday, I woke up early to squeeze in some photoshoots of Sonya Blade with M-Squared Photography, MindFall, and PopeCerebus. Afterward, I met up with a few friends at Michael Sinterniklaas' Q&A panel, then we went to the dealer room for last minute shopping, and then lunched at the Kona Grill (again!). Then it was homeward bound.

I appreciate seeing all the yellow costumes, ribbons and armbands in support of Aurora, CO. I carried a bunch with me and wore mine whenever possible. Let's keep supporting Aurora and bring the community together! I think I will be attending Baltimore Comic Con in September and plan to wear my old Sally Jupiter once more, and maybe something new...? Both incorporating yellow, of course.

It really was such a great time; off to a shaky start, but the weekend finished out with style. I'm still waiting for pictures to surface, and I will be getting those galleries up as soon as I can. But, for now, please have some moustache silliness!

Today, the unthinkable happened. A masked man walked into a movie theater and killed many innocent people who were there to see their hero on screen. Aurora, CO, witnessed a tragic and senseless crime today that ruined many lives, and its effects are being felt around the world.

At Otakon next weekend, please join us for a weekend not only of fun and celebration of Japanese culture, but also in rememberance and support of those who lost their lives at Aurora. Wear a yellow ribbon or armband to show your support and respect. There is an emerging group, "A Light in the Dark," who will be passing out yellow ribbons and armbands to convention attendees. I will be wearing a yellow ribbon or armband all weekend, and I will be bringing a sign for pictures stating our love and support for the residents of Aurora, CO. I would ask all of you, if you are so inclined, to join us in rallying around our fellow citizens.

With that said, here is my schedule for the weekend. I have three new costumes that I will be debuting! I am going to be busy with photo shoots and spending time with friends and loved ones. I hope to see you all there, and I hope you will help raise up Aurora, CO, into the Light.


Anime Mid-Atlantic was a lot of fun this year! So many great stories to tell. Friday started off with Princess Aurora and Hall Cosplay Judging, where I got splashed with water and then had a fabulous time walking with a little girl named Evie (who kept saying, "You're a princess!" and wouldn't even let go of me when I was getting pictures...Disney Effect). After judging, I changed into Jem and gave my panel on Cosplay Armor and Weapons, which was fantastic and we had a great turn out, despite the incredible loudness of the karaoke next door ^_^

Saturday, I started off bright and early with Miss Scarlet in the Judging Hall with the candlestick...and with Mrs. Peacock and Yvette, too! We had a great time playing around in our "Clue" costumes and took some awesome pictures. After pictures and lunch, I actually went swimming in the pool!!! It was so nice to finally swim at a con after so many years of being too busy. After swimming, I changed into Lightning and went to the Masquerade, which had some great presentations, and then gave my panel on Corsets and Underthings, which also had a great turn out and I ended up talking longer than I though I would - I took up the whole 90 minutes!

On Sunday, we hung out at the Cosplay Info Table and helped tally the Fan Favorites winners and then caravanned home with our friends. This convention really was so wonderful and thank you to everyone who entered the contests, attended my panels, or just came to the con - I hope you all had as much fun!

Now I am working on costumes for Otakon. I am making 4 new costumes that I will be debuting: Sonya Blade from MK 2011, Pumpkin as illustrated by Sakizo, my Red Queen based on "Alice in Wonderland," and a surprise costume from Vocaloid! I will also be wearing Lightning again on Saturday for a "reunion" group with Pixie Kitty and NeonGenocide! I am already so excited for this convention - it is going to be amazing! I hope to see you all there!


We are planning to leave around 10am tomorrow for Chesapeake, VA, but I couldn't get finished with everything in time, so I'm going to have to bring something else instead of Dragon Keeper. Guess it's going to be Lightning. Yup, good old Final Fantasy XIII.

Also, yay for our hotel overbooking itself and having to upgrade us to a bigger hotel...with a pool!!! Maybe I can actually go swimming this time!

Here is my costume schedule:

Friday day - Aurora
Friday night - Jem
Saturday morning/early afternoon - Miss Scarlet
Saturday night/Masquerade - Lightning

I want to thank you all for thinking of me and my father and sending kind words and thoughts our way. He got the breathing and feeding tubes out today and he is starting some light physical therapy tomorrow! Since he hasn't been able to speak for two weeks (due to the intubation), he sounds like Clint Eastwood at the moment, which I think he enjoys. He is cracking jokes and being very positive and for that I am truly thankful.

So, this Friday I will be driving down to Chesapeake, VA, to attend Anime Mid-Atlantic. I will be judging the Hall Costume Contest and I will be giving two panels!

Creative Cosplay Armor and Weapons - Friday 10:30pm, Workshop. "So, you are in need of armor and/or weapons for your costume? No problem! Join Fire Lily as she walks you through the basics of armor and weapon construction using materials such as craft foam, cardboard, paper mache, insulation foam, Paperclay, found objects, and more! Learn how to visualize your project and what materials to use to bring it life."

Corsets, Bodices, and Underthings, Oh My! - Saturday 9:00pm, Workshop. "Do you admire corsets but don't know the first thing about making them? Do petticoats have you ruffled? Don't know how to get that slim and fitted silhouette? Look no further! Join Fire Lily for the basics to corsetry, steel and plastic boning, fitted bodices, petticoats, and other under things."

I hope to see many of you there!! I will be bringing my Miss Scarlet costume and an Yvette costume (for a friend) from the movie "Clue," Lightning from "Final Fantasy XIII," Jem from "Jem and the Holograms," and Princess Aurora from "Sleeping Beauty."

I have been away from my computer for the past week. I have been in Texas because my Dad was in a really bad motorcycle accident on Memorial Day. His left femur and hip are broken, multiple fractures in the ribs, right collar bone and shoulder blade, a broken nose, two cracked vertebrae in the neck, and his spine was severed leaving him paralyzed from the chest down. He had to have 3 MRIs to assess the damage to his spinal cord and see where the doctors could repair the spine itself.

The initial spine surgery require fusing the spine at the T4 and T5 vertebrae, with 6 rods to stabilize it. After the first spine surgery, Dad developed a blood clot at the surgery site that was preventing him from using his arms. The doctors took him to the OR for emergency surgery to remove the clot, and thankfully my Dad has regained the use of his arms, but he will need therapy to regain full range of motion. They had to fuse his entire upper back so he will never be able to bend over again, unless it's from the neck or torso. He has surgery to repair his hip tomorrow and I'm hoping it won't be too complicated - they have to put plates on the pelvic socket because it was crushed in the accident and they need to rebuild it.

After being in Texas for a week, I am sorry to say that I will not be able to finish my Red Queen costume for Anime Mid-Atlantic in Chesapeake, VA, next weekend. I just have too much left to do and I needed this past week to work on it. As such, I will be finishing my Miss Scarlet costume and an Yvette costume (for a friend) from the movie "Clue" for next weekend. I will also be finishing some work on my Dragon Keeper Court Outfit so that I can wear her again. I hope to see many of you there!! I will be bringing and wearing Jem, Aurora, Miss Scarlet, and my Dragon Keeper Court Outfit. We will be getting in on Friday, and I'm still not sure of my costume schedule, but I can't wait to see my friends and go to one of my favorite cons around.

I am also judging the Hall Costume Contest and I am giving two panels!

Creative Cosplay Armor and Weapons - Friday 10:30pm, Workshop. "So, you are in need of armor and/or weapons for your costume? No problem! Join Fire Lily as she walks you through the basics of armor and weapon construction using materials such as craft foam, cardboard, paper mache, insulation foam, Paperclay, found objects, and more! Learn how to visualize your project and what materials to use to bring it life."

Corsets, Bodices, and Underthings, Oh My! - Saturday 9:00pm, Workshop. "Do you admire corsets but don't know the first thing about making them? Do petticoats have you ruffled? Don't know how to get that slim and fitted silhouette? Look no further! Join Fire Lily for the basics to corsetry, steel and plastic boning, fitted bodices, petticoats, and other under things."


I can't believe it's already been one week since T-Mode - it feels like it's been a month! I had such a great time and saw so many friends and made some very good new ones and I'm still bummed out that it couldn't last longer. Thank you so much to everyone who came to my panels and to the Variety Show, and to the con itself! It was honestly the best convention I've had all year and probably one of the best conventions ever. If you didn't go this year, you sorely missed out, and I hope you will join us next year in Rockville, MD!

I have so many great stories from this con: getting mobbed by a high school class on a field trip from Indiana in my Aurora costume, getting pictures with two drunken wedding attendees (and getting my crown snatched off my head by one of them!), and getting a picture in Jem with a boy having his Bar Mitzvah that Friday and his father. Classic times and the memories are still making me smile.

Since I took last week off to prepare for a wedding (complete with surprise geese!!), I am now hunkering down and getting into super cosplay mode for my newest costumes for Anime Mid-Atlantic in June: Miss Scarlet from the movie "Clue" and a Red Queen costume from "Alice in Wonderland." My Red Queen costume is based on a design from a very talented artist on DeviantArt, and I am planning to cover it in a bajillion rhinestones, so I will be spending the next month of my life heat-fixing red rhinestones to this dress (about 16,000 or more!).

As always, I look forward to seeing many of you at Anime Mid-Atlantic and I hope you enjoy my work! I did hear that many of you liked seeing my progress pictures on my Facebook Page, so if you would like to follow along on my rhinestoning adventures, feel free to follow along!!

I will be a guest at T-Mode this weekend, in Rockville, MD! I'd love to see this small family con grow some more, so please come by if you can!!

I will be giving two panels and judging the Cosplay Variety Show! My panels are:

Saturday at 12:30 - So You Think You Can Sew? A step up from “Cosplay 101,” this panel addresses more intricate details of sewing and cosplaying. Learn how to make your costume as pretty on the inside as it is on the outside and how to bring your cosplay construction to the next level.

Sunday at 11:30 - Cosplay Armor and Weapons So, you are in need of armor and/or weapons for your costume? No problem! Join Fire Lily as she walks you through the basics of armor and weapon construction using materials such as craft foam, cardboard, paper mache, insulation foam, Paperclay, found objects, and more! Learn how to visualize your project and what materials to use to bring it life.

I will be debuting a new costume at this convention: Princess Aurora from Disney's "Sleeping Beauty"! I will be wearing Aurora on Saturday and Sunday, and I will be bringing Jem on Friday.

I will also be joining AdrenoSol and LuluBird, the famous EVA twins, who are our main cosplay guests. Please come by and support them, along with our wonderful roster of guests.













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